Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I realized today that fear is just worrying about something that hasn't happened yet--something that may never happen. 

The more you believe that something bad will happen ("I will slip and fall" "My horse will spook and I'll get hurt" "This will be too difficult and I will fail"), the more likely it is that that will indeed happen. You use up valuable energy by worrying about the thing that hasn't happened yet, instead of being in the moment and using that energy to support yourself as you negotiate the situation.

You can handle whatever comes. You may not handle it gracefully, nor perhaps as well as you might like, but you can walk across the ice without falling, and ride through whatever your horse may or may not do. 

You're just that good. 

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Unknown said...

Fear is sometimes just uncertainty....tempered by experience....magnified by doubt.

Doubt can be shed. Experience isn't absolute.

Fear is sometimes something we have to step through to get to the other side.

And yes, you are just that good.