Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Present

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize today. Conservatives are either aghast or dismissive: "He hasn't done anything!" That depends on what "doing" something means. He's certainly done what Mr. Bush could never do: use his intellect and diplomacy to earn the respect--albeit in some quarters, the grudging respect--of the international community. The guy is stuck with two wars, an offshore prison full of terrorism suspects, a financial/economic crisis, and political opponents who are arrogant, cynical, and absurdly petty. And he still manages to do his job with grace, humor, and good will. That really drives his detractors nuts; they just can't get to him. He's a class act. And they, by and large, are not.

Hearing about the Nobel award along with a great ride this morning on the Wolfman made for a darned nice birthday. If the Sox manage to win Game 2, that will be the icing on the cake.


Kathleen Dames said...

Happy Birthday, Edie! Sorry the Sox didn't come through for you (or me).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Edie, you write to eloquently and to the point on these matters!

Anonymous said...

ooops, I meant "so" not "to", in any case, thank you for often writing what it is I am feeling but can't always articulate.

lucyfree said...

Well said, Edie!
My neighbor commented that many Americans will see it negatively, that if Obama is respected in the rest of the world it reflects badly on him here at home. Sad choice, between being a patriot and being a citizen of the world!
I am glad the committee went out on a limb and gave it to him now. I hope it helps him stay focused on paths to peace.