Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Money, Bad Money

Seems to me that a whole lot more good could have been done with the billions of dollars that have been spent on negative political ads and campaigns for the upcoming midterm elections.

There are 310,554,258 people in the United States; the combined total of all of the money spent for these elections is far more than that. The money could have gone to more productive things, like helping people pay their mortgages, donating it to cancer research, or repairing roads and bridges. Or they could have given everyone in the U.S. $5 apiece and saved us all from the constant barrage of campaign crap.


Kathleen Dames said...

Campaign finance reform is so necessary! Every time I think about all the money thrown at campaigning I get apoplectic over how much good could be done directly with that money rather than theoretically done by, perhaps, electing the "right" people.

Edie Freedman said...

Yep, I've wondered about the equation there -- spend money on good works or on hiring people who may or may not be able to get even more funding to those good works. These days I'm betting more on direct funding of good works, not that my opinion is going to change anything in the system.