Thursday, October 9, 2008


A friend once suggested that the best way to spend one's birthday is to have your version of an ideal day, doing whatever it is you really love to do, not necessarily what everyone thinks you ought to do on your birthday.

And that is what I did. It was a beautiful fall day spent picking apples, stacking firewood, wading at the beach, and cantering Wolfie across a still-green field near the barn.

(A side note: one of my favorite books is Birthday by Dorothea Tanner, the wife of Max Ernst. Highly recommended.)

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jumpingboy said...

that sounds ideal! And I'm glad it's ideal for you and not ideal simply because it sounds ideal. I had a sort-of similar day, it was Mountain Day here, which means classes are cancelled and the entire school climbs a mountain together. And there is singing, and apple cider, donuts, friends, sunshine, vistas, rolling hills, you know the deal. I hope you love the Gloucester air as much as I do. Much love!