Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Snow

I'm waiting for the first snow of the season--they've promised us at least a dusting in the next 24 hours. Got a last pre-snow ride in with Wolfie today as the sky turned that leaden, nearly colorless shade that signals snow on its way. 

Unlike many people around here, I like snow, gentle and magical or wild and dangerous. Nothing like a lazy afternoon with big snowflakes coming down, a fire in the grate, and a good book. And I love blizzards, with their impending-doom, natural-disaster edge--Laura Ingalls Wilder's family hunkering down on the Plains, their house half-buried in snow, a howling maelstrom just outside the door. 

* * *

I remember several years ago going to Gordon and JoeAnn's out on Eastern Point during a blizzard to watch a Patriots game. My car got stuck in the deep snowdrifts that had accumulated on the road to their house, so I wound up staying overnight. In the morning, we had breakfast in the kitchen of their old farmhouse before I set out alone, making my way home on borrowed skis.


Kathleen Dames said...

I'd read your blog no matter what, Edie, but I enjoy it all the more for your evocation of Cape Ann, though you do make me miss the place!

T.K. said...

Hi Edie,

You write wonderful blogs!

I forwarded your NYTimes letter to a few classmates and several said you were spot on.

Enjoy the snow.


T.K. said...


Chuck Taylor and I belong to a fun blogging group on MySpace called Blogophilia.

I think you would enjoy posting blogs with us. Everyone is supportive and "nice."

Here is a link -

Writing is the greatest solace - Goethe